Hello! And thank you for visiting my blog. For those of you who are interested in fad and flops of the health-food industry, or were simply curious about why I decided to baptise myself in coconut water this summer, hopefully all will be revealed. I decided to do this project as my final project during my Medical Humanities MSc last year in Manchester. I wanted to try and understand some of the social, cultural, political and historical factors which have informed the health-food industry today. Why is it that kale is so popular? Why is my Instagram feed full of people drinking green smoothies? And more importantly, why are we all so worried about our health? With the rise in health information available to us, particularly through online sources, it is hard to escape the pressure to join in. This project hopes to argue that health-food fads are really just a reflection of the socio-cultural ideas surrounding diet, morality and health: little of it really has much scientific basis. Furthermore, these fads can have damaging and dangerous connotations. Through a range of creative pieces, I hope to shed some light on what the health-food industry is making us believe.


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